What's so great about this, anyway?
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We've combined tried-and-true best practices, sales psychology, and advanced technology to develop a new approach that gives you a competitive edge. Unlike the boring 1990's-era lead form, we:

  • Grow your revenue by improving lead capture and lead conversion rates
  • Provide a Lead Rank based on the dollar value of the lead and likelihood to close, so you can book the high-profit jobs first on busy summer Saturdays.
  • Provide you the user's survey photos with an AI-built inventory and weight estimate, so you can prioritize jobs, assign the right crew to the right job, and start on the 50 yard line from the moment the lead comes in
  • Use Google Address autocomplete to make it easy for residents and verify addresses for you
  • Automatically verify phone numbers, which drastically improves conversion rates
  • Capture resident input even if they don't click the submit button (about 3% of leads)
  • Insert the lead directly into your CRM (and monitor to ensure the lead actually makes it)
How does this work on my moving site?
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We provide the world's best (which we've open-sourced for all movers) that is designed by experts to:
1. Reduce friction for the resident so you can capture more leads
2. Capture accurate addresses via Google autocomplete
3. Persuade residents to complete the photo inventory and answer your phone call instead of the competition's.

How many residents opt-in to the self-guided survey? 
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About 15% of residents already opt into the survey - and over 60% of those surveyed said it had a positive influence on their decision to book with their mover. More and more residents will opt-in as they become familiar with it: in 3-4 years, self-guided surveys will be normal.

This is a big change for my team. Do you provide support and training?
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Absolutely. Ultimately, comehome.ai is about using technology to build trust between a resident and their mover, so we do sales and compliance training for your team. The resident is always in control of their data and can delete it at any time. Also, we do not permit movers to copy or screenshot the resident's photos out of comehome.ai.

Do you provide any analytics?
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Today we provide monthly breakdowns of residents who just fill out the form and those who provide photos. We use product analytics tools to carefully monitor resident experience and improve our product. More advanced analytics are roadmap items.

How accurate are the surveys?
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While our AI inventory is 85%+ accurate, residents often forget to photograph items (or photograph them twice). So your sales reps will still need to engage their customer with active questions to complete the survey.

Questions? Email: support@comehome.ai